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For My Love Flower Gift

  • Illuminate your affection with the For My Love Flower Gift from Connecticut Blooms. Featuring an exceptional potted plant and a considerate plush toy, this gift is poised to convey your heartfelt message to your beloved. The Anthurium, an enchanting flower, brings a breathtaking vitality to any environment. These enduring and irresistibly beautiful flowers, hailing from the tropics, thrive indoors. Customize this truly special gift by including their preferred gourmet items and spirits.

  • Flowers - This gift features a potted anthurium plant in a ceramic planter. If you wish, you can add any wine, champagne, beer, liquor or gourmet gifts from our list of add-ons to this gift.

    Plush Toy - Little Tommy Bear sits at 6 inches tall and holds an "I love you" message heart.

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