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Mini Christmas Tree

  • Celebrate the season with festive flair using the Mini Christmas Tree from Connecticut Blooms. This slim evergreen tree, adorned with holiday decorations, makes for a delightful seasonal gift. Whether placed indoors for the holidays or planted in a garden, it serves as a perfect way to symbolize the holiday season and infuse a touch of Christmas spirit into any space. Don't forget, you can enhance your purchase by adding more items like gourmet foods, a bottle of wine or liquor, and more. Consistently send beautiful gifts with Connecticut Blooms.

    Please Note: Traditionally, Christmas trees and wreaths are seasonal items intended to be used during the holiday season, roughly between early to late December. If purchased outside of this timeframe, the item will most likely be substituted with a different plant or floral arrangement of equal value.

  • Baby Cupressus tree: This slim, columnar evergreen tree can grow up to 40 feet tall if well cared for. Enhanced with holiday décor, this baby Cupressus is a perfect living Christmas tree and comes in a classic planter pot.

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