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Mr. Claus Plushie

  • Embrace the holiday spirit in Connecticut with the Mr. Claus Plushie, a festive decoration that spreads joy to all! This charming plush Santa Claus figure has the classic red and white ensemble, complete with an additional holly motifs on the hat. Introduce this decorative character to your holiday decor for a memorable and enduring gift. Ideal for those in need of an extra dose of holiday cheer, this gift is sure to be a hit! Personalize your gift by adding your favored selections of wine, beer, champagne, gourmet snacks, and more from our exclusive custom offerings.

  • Toy - Mr. Claus Plushie : This adorable plush Mr. Santa Claus figure wears that classic red and white outfit with an additional holly decoration on the hat. Add this decorative character to any holiday decor for a memorable gift for years to come.

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