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Mrs. Claus Plushie

  • Embrace the holiday spirit in Connecticut with this delightful Mrs. Claus Plushie, a charming addition to festive decorations. Adorned in the iconic red and white attire with additional holly decorations, she holds a tempting gingerbread for an extra festive touch. Introduce this decorative character to your holiday decor, creating a lasting and memorable gift for years to come. Certainly, you have the option to include your preferred selections of wine, beer, champagne, gourmet snacks, and more from our custom offerings.

  • Toy - Mrs. Claus Plushie : This adorable plush Mrs. Claus figure wears that classic red and white outfit with additional holly decorations. She holds a tasty looking gingerbread for a festive touch. Add this decorative character to any holiday decor for a memorable gift for years to come.

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